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Name: Kaitland Burrows

Occupation: Design Services Coordinator

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: Almost 6 months

It’s great to be trained, coached, guided and mentored by someone who genuinely cares and knows what to do in order to achieve your personal goals. I always feel like I have continuous support from Maria, and she has become a great friend during my journey thus far with her.


For many years I was unable to eat food high in fibre as I have an Ostomy (Permanent Bowel problem after a severe case of Salmonella Food Poisoning) but within 3 months of sticking to her nutrition programs that changed fortnightly for me, I was able to re-introduce food that I have not been able to eat for 5 years.

Testimonial - Real Results

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Name: Marcia Mikhael

Occupation: IT Project Manager

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: 2 years


I had no prior exposure or knowledge to the world of bodybuilding competition and needed someone who would not only coach me well but also teach me as I didn’t know anything. Maria was highly recommended to me by a close friend.


It was under Maria’s coaching and guidance that I am proud to say that in 2013 I won the INBA Bikini Masters World Championship in Greece less than 6 months after I started preparing for my first competition ever.

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Are you wanting to get ready  for  shows or want to step up on stage for the first time? Creative Fitness and Nutrition has the knowledge and personal experience to get you into the best competition shape of your life. From online coaching training and comp prep.



  • Face to face consult or online

  • Comprehensive eating plan including a full nutrition analysis and updates

  • Charlies Poliquin Bodyfat Bio-Signature/BioPrint assessment Bi-weekly eating plan adjusted

  • Supplementation Recommendations and analysis

  • Body composition analysis

  • Final week prep  guidline

  • Resistance training 4 week program rotation plan designed for your needs

  • Provide weekly feedback on your progress, including photos, email updates. Follow the plan!


Creative Fitness covers everything you need from start to finish of your prep to ensure you get into optimal shape: pre, during and post-competition nutrition and training.  Key factors that get address are hormonal imbalances; detoxification ability; food intolerances; and training methods. Ensuring you stay at the top, during and after your competition.


With any Bodybuilding Coaching Figure, Fitness, Bikini  packages you have the option of training two to five times per week. Also Avialable for online coaching as well.

12 Week Comp Prep Package for 2015 Season A

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Name: Monica Rich

Occupation: Registered Nurse and Personal Trainer

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: 6 months


Knowing Maria is there to support me when I feel low and almost ready to quit.


Feel healthy even when dieting. Feeling stronger with the varied exercise routines and nutrition plans

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