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I look at myself and realise how far I’ve come in such little time, how much my body composition has changed and how lucky I am to have Maria not only as a coach but as a great role model, side kick and even better friend.

Talor Martin - Testimonial

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Name: Talor Martin

Occupation: Chef - Sponsored Athlete My Muscle Chef

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: 2 Years


What is your overall feeling Creative Fitness and Nutrition?

I’ve always been a shy self conscious person, but Maria was determined to bring me out of my shell. I’ve learnt and grown stronger, not just physically but as a better individual. Her knowledge and passion towards her work is impeccable and I am grateful to be a part of Creative Fitness. Placing 3rd in my first ever Physique competition was by far the proudest moment; I don’t think anything could have topped that feeling.


Describe what part of you experience training and nutrition has made you the happiest:

I approached Maria in 2013 with a set goal of gaining as much muscle as possible to compete in my first ever Physique competition. Before we could start this process I informed her of some health issues I was concerned about at the time. Maria took me under her wing and got straight to work by providing me with a tailored diet full of the right beneficial nutrients that quickly resolved these issues. If it wasn’t for Maria I would have never stepped out of my comfort zone and achieved the physique I have today.

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