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Joining the Creative Fitness and Nutrition Team has not only given me an incredible, unique physique, it has introduced me to one of the most positive, selfless, hard working, dedicated, and strong role models- Maria. Moving to Sydney away from my parents to attend university been very confronting and difficult, but it is people like Maria who have supported and encouraged me to

each my best potential. Maria is one of the most approachable coaches, is

extremely honest and provides the best options to suit her client’s lifestyle. The lifestyle she lives and the work ethic she displays are enough to motivate anyone.

Sonia Flaherty - Testimonial

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Name: Sonia Flaherty

Occupation: Law Student

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: 6 months


What is your overall feeling Creative Fitness and Nutrition?

After only 6 months of proper body building competition preparation I stepped on stage for the first time, taking out three first place trophies and have discovered a newfound passion and love for the sport of fitness, weightlifting and competing.


Describe what part of you experience training and nutrition has made you the happiest:

In September 2014 Creative Fitness and Nutrition trainer Maria Andriano created my first ever personalised nutrition plan and weights program. I still  remember my goals at the very beginning, which included- being able to do one unassisted chin up, having abs and most importantly at the time overcoming the eating difficulties I was encountering. I am so proud that I have not only achieved these goals, the never-ending learning and accomplishments have led to a more mentally and physically stronger, determined and liberated me.


Describe one or two of the most important benefits you’ve received with Creative Fitness. Please explain specifically what you’ve gained from your experience:

Maria’s wholesome and individualised nutrition program- based on high protein and high fibre foods led to the progressive integration of red meat and also carbohydrates (which like many I was afraid to eat) back into my diet, resulting in the ability to lift heavier weights, increased concentration and increased energy levels. As a full time university student studying law and working part-time, Maria has closely adapted my training and nutrition plans to leave me feeling more energised and confident to conquer any challenge and event arising in busy life I lead.