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Weight training programs for women are effective in preserving muscle mass and preventing sarcopenia and the decline of metabolic rate. Never too old to start a resistance training program and benefit from both physically and psychologically from training.


Most adults will lose between 3 to 5 kilos of muscle every decade. After women reach the age of 30, decreases in muscle density and increases in intramuscular fat are found in cross-sectional areas of the thighs. This trend continues as lean body mass decreases by approximately 15 percent between the ages of 30 and 80. In general, there is almost a 30 percent decrease in overall strength between the age of 50 and 70 years, with dramatic losses after age 70s. Over the years, the result is less functional ability and a higher percentage of body fat, which contribute to a declining metabolic rate.


The outcome of weight training and nutrition for older women


  •    Increased functional independence

  •    Improved gait velocity

  •    Improved sleep

  •    Decreased depressive symptoms

  •    Increased self-efficacy

  •    Increased overall physical activity level

  •    Improved static and dynamic balance

Phyl Coath - Testimonial

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Name: Phyl Coath

Occupation: Business owner

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: Commenced with Creative Fitness for nutrition plan in April 2016 (15 months). Commenced weight training with Creative Fitness in December 2016 (8months) Age at the time 70 years.


What is your overall feeling Creative Fitness and Nutrition?

My overall feeling is one of deep gratitude and respect for the individualised, passionate and

supportive care given by Maria.


I began my association with Maria April 2016 when she devised my first eating plan. I was undereating, constantly counting calories, weighing every day and struggling with good sleep. I was weight training 3 times a week but I knew in order to get stronger (my goal for training) I needed to start eating properly. What happened within a few weeks of following Maria’s eating plan is reflected in this quote from an email I sent to her:


Describe what part of you experience training and nutrition has made you the happiest:

Every day except for 2 short holidays I have followed 15 monthly eating plans. The happiest thing about it is that I have learned that I can eat 5 beautiful meals every day, definitely not get fat, on the other hand I feel joyous from within because my body is satisfied. It is a truly exquisite feeling after many many years of depleting my body in order not to get fat. Instead of mentally counting calories with every mouthful, I can now relish in the beautiful flavours and different foods and food combinations Maria proposes for me.


Describe one or two of the most important benefits you’ve received with Creative Fitness. Please explain specifically what you’ve gained from your experience:

The happiest part of training is the way Maria trusts my body to do heavy weights (despite my age), and then supports me through each set which results in an incredible sense of joy and power as I feel myself breaking barriers and getting stronger. I leave the gym on a “high”.


1. Significant reduction in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass

2. Increased strength

3. From slightly below average bone density to above average!

4. Deepest sleep for many years which is part of my sense of wellbeing.

5. Liberation from 50 years of calorie counting and daily dread of the scales.


Maria is a wonderful example for all of us. She's also an exceptional trainer and nutritionist.

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