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Name: Monica Rich

Occupation: Registered Nurse and Personal Trainer

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: 1 Year


What is your overall feeling Creative Fitness and Nutrition?

Fantastic service! Well worth the investment to achieve my goals.


Describe what part of you experience training and nutrition has made you the happiest:

Knowing Maria is there to support me when I feel low and almost ready to quit. Her promptness in responding to my emails and texts.


Describe one or two of the most important benefits you’ve received with Creative Fitness. Please explain specifically what you’ve gained from your experience:

Feel healthy even when dieting. Feeling stronger with the varied exercise routines and nutrition plans

Monica Rich - Testimonial

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MONICA-Recovered 10501886_10205401098253217_8204904749124285617_n monica before after

Before and After with only 4 months

with Creative Fitness


2nd at the INBA Worlds 2014 OPEN BODYBUILDING


1st INBA Sydney Show 2014