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Born and raised in Sydney, I was introduced to the world of sports from a very young age by my father who played soccer at an elite level in Italy and then in Australia. My natural ability to play many sports enabled me to excel in netball, softball, athletics and tennis at a state and national level throughout my teen and adult life and was given the honor to represent Australia in South Africa during my competitive netball career.


In 2008, I retired from my netball career and met one of Australia’s first IFBB Pro who encouraged

to compete. After placing 4th in my first figure show, I continued to train until I was scouted by

Elite model agency based in the US who spot my photos. The talent scout was looking for a tall

athletic looking model with a European descent to do a photo shoot for a brand called Puma.

Asked if I would be willing to prepare my physique to have a bigger muscular upper body photo

shoot ready in 8 months with an offer to be paid. With such a large cash offer, I enlisted a coach to

help prepare for this journey and was committed to succeeding.


Seven months later, at 3am, waiting for the decision from Puma to find out  I missed out on the opportunity. Disappointed with the outcome after months of training decided to compete, 10 weeks later winning 2 overall titles back to back in 2 separate federations which launched my career as a figure competitor. I fell in love with the sport and never turned back.


Passion for optimum health and nutrition creating CREATIVE FITNESS AND NUTRITION encouraging the importance of nutrition and a solid training regime for maximizing sporting ability. My studies in nutrition and correct training protocols has made me succeed in Australian Elite world of Bodybuilding, Personal training and Coaching, delivering unique, energizing and effect workouts to both women and men of all ages.


Guiding you in the right direction from training, creating advance programs, muscle gains,

competition preparation, nutrition and supplementation. Creative Fitness can help you

achieve great health and body composition. Programs and nutrition systems are precise and

easy to follow and systems that work.




• One-On-One Personal Training

• Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation

• Nutrition Programs

• Online training

• Fatloss programs

• Strength Training Programs



A great deal of time goes into becoming fit and healthy and maintaining this. It is a worth while pursuit, giving energy and confidence within. It feels good to be fit and when you maintain your own fitness, it often motivates other to begin a healthier and active lifestyle.




• FIA Fitness Instructor - Certificate III

  and IV in Fitness (2009)

• Nutrition Diploma (2009)

• Poliquin BioSignature Level 1

  (Perth 2012)

• Poliquin BioSignature Level 2 (Gold

 Coast Annual Re certification) (2013)

• Poliquin BioSignature Level 2 (Sydney

  Annual Re certification) (2014)

• Poliquin International Certification

  Program Level 2 (Sydney 2014)

• Poliquin International Certification

  Program Level 1(Sydney 2014)

• Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin

  BioPrint Seminar – Innovations in

  Body Composition

• Standard First Aid, CPR-C & AED

 (Updated Annually)


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