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The journey to competition is probably the toughest you'll ever endure, but it's also one of the most rewarding. Creative Fitness will guide you and prepare you for a figure competition.


To even get on stage you need to build a great physique, and this is done through through a strength training and nutrition program designed personally for your body and the federation.


If you don’t take the time, AT LEAST 8-12 months, to build a solid foundation to prep on, you’ll end up small and soft on contest day.  Part of your prep competitors homework is doing the work required months in advance, and that’s building the base.  The building phase the off-season. REady to commence a comprehesive peak season for stage.


What Creative Fitness and Nutrition will provide


  • Consultation to evalute your goals and lifestyle

  • Personalised nutrition and diet for fatloss and muscle gain

  • Talored training program

  • Natural supplementation suggestions for transformation

  • Posing guidlines and stage presentation coaching

  • Final Peak Week daily/communication via email text and phone

  • Post comp evaluation









Hannah Jones - Testimonial

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Name: Hannah Jones

Occupation: Business & Events Manager

Length Of Time As Creative Fitness Client: 18 monthls


What is your overall feeling Creative Fitness and Nutrition?

I am thrilled and completely satisfied with the services provided by Maria Andriano and Creative Fitness & Nutrition.  


Describe what part of you experience training and nutrition has made you the happiest:

I was referred to Creative Fitness & Nutrition by my previous prep coach and personal trainer.  I signed up for an 8-week comp prep plan that included meal planning and training.  The first most recognisable difference that I was pleasantly surprised to see was how much food I was given in my meal plans, as well as an incredible amount of variety.  I could tell the meal plan was tailored just for me and what I needed, and the fact that the meal plan changed weekly kept it interesting and exciting.  I recognised differences in my performance and how my body responded to this plan straight away.


Describe one or two of the most important benefits you’ve received with Creative Fitness. Please explain specifically what you’ve gained from your experience:

I have a new appreciation for nutrition and how certain foods affect me as a female and as an athlete who trains hard and often.  I am learning that I have to feed my body specifically to put on more lean muscle as I am a hard-gainer, and that hormones are also a key factor affecting how my body responds to certain foods.


I am also really enjoying the new training program I’m on.  It’s incredibly challenging and involves the heavy lifting that I love and am used, but also incorporates drop-sets, giant sets, and tri-sets to keep it interesting and functional.  I have seen my body – especially my glutes and quads - change completely.  I didn’t think it was possible and I’m loving the results!!

Hannah_Cover hannah_trophy hannah.biceps hannah before-after